«Take Off» magazine - winter 2022


A reference in the world of travel in French-speaking Switzerland, Take Off by Genève Aéroport is aimed at all types of travellers, inviting you to discover, to escape and above all... to the desire to travel.

Flying is not the goal
At a time of crises and with our news marked by so many socio-environmental issues, it is legitimate that
we should question ourselves as potential tourists. How should we travel, what footprint should we leave,
what behaviour should we adopt, but most of all what should be the purpose of our travels?

Provided you prepare well, are in the right state of mind and remain alert, a trip can be an enrichment
from all points of view. It is a human, natural and cultural discovery, an openness to others, an appeal to
values of tolerance, understanding and authenticity. And it is also often a break in our overwhelmed lives and a way of caring that we offer to ourselves and to our loved ones.

Flying is of course not the goal in itself, but this means of transport still remains the best option for travelling
to many remote areas of our planet. The theme of hiking – covered in this issue – provides some dream ideas. Getting up at 5 a.m. to discover the dawn in the prodigious valleys of Cappadocia or following the paths of the “levadas” (aqueducts) in the primary forest of Madeira are extraordinary experiences.

In addition, it should be remembered that the entire aeronautical industry is aware of its impact on the environment and major projects have been launched at all levels in this area. Genève Aéroport is even among the leaders with several sustainable development measures. To take just one example: the new East Wing recently inaugurated to accommodate long-haul flights was designed as a positive energy building, thanks to geothermal energy and the solar panels installed on its roof.

Wishing you some great discoveries!