«Take Off» Magazine - summer 2023


Take Off by Geneva Airport is a reference for travelers in French-speaking Switzerland and neighboring France. Whether you are an adventurer at heart or simply looking to get away from it all, this magazine is for travelers who want to explore new horizons!

With the resumption of direct flights, travel enthusiasts have access to a variety range of fascinating destinations. Beyond the simple desire to escape, why not take this opportunity to explore the historical roots of the destinations selected by this new edition?

Delta Air Lines, serves the United States from Geneva, offering a unique opportunity to discover, via a connection at New York JFK, the "Deep South". The state of Georgia is filled with fascinating architecture and history, enabling travelers to immerse themselves in another era while better understanding the evolution of this country and the complexity of its society today.

La Coruña in Galicia is another exciting destination, especially for those interested in the history of Spanish emigration. Many other destinations, such as Crete, Malta or Hamburg, are also available from Geneva.

On the other hand, direct flights offer a facility for diasporas and expatriates to reconnect with their loved ones, while air links, especially long-haul flights, support business sectors such as diplomacy, and of course sensible tourism.

Make beautiful discoveries and enriching encounters!