Early Morning Train Experience between Biel/Bienne and Geneva Airport on Christmas Eve


Early morning trains between Biel/Bienne and Geneva Airport on Saturday, December 23rd, and Sunday, December 24th, 2023.

Geneva Airport and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) are offering, for a trial period, an "early morning" train for passengers living between Biel/Bienne and Geneva to catch the first wave of flights (between 06:00 and 08:00).

Geneva Airport is firmly committed to promoting the environmental transition of its own airport activities, with the aim of achieving zero CO2 emissions by 2037.  It is particularly committed to responsible mobility. Geneva Airport therefore supports and encourages its partners - airlines, handling agents and ground carriers in particular - in their efforts to promote sustainability and responsible mobility.

As part of their joint efforts to improve the comfort of passengers travelling from the Pied-du-Jura and the Côte vaudoise, Geneva Airport and the SBB will be offering, on a trial basis, an "early morning" train on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 December 2023 between Biel (departure: 02:40), Neuchâtel (03:02), Yverdon-les-Bains (03:25), Morges (03:47), Nyon (04:04), Geneva (04:18) and Geneva Airport (arrival: 04:24).

These early morning times will give passengers from the cities mentioned the opportunity to take the first wave (between 06:00 and 08:00) of flights from Geneva Airport in the most comfortable conditions, leaving their vehicles at home.


It should be noted that it is the passenger's responsibility to allow sufficient time, in principle two hours, between the train's arrival time and the flight's departure time.

It should also be noted that for this train :

  • No reservation is necessary;
  • All standard tickets (GA, ½ fare, etc.) are valid, and a limited number of supersaver tickets are available for travelers who plan ahead
  • The online timetable is up to date. 
For greater convenience and potentially times savings on the day of departure, it is possible to book Geneva Airport services directly online: After this weekend of departures before the Christmas holidays, SBB and Geneva Airport will jointly analyze the feasibility of repeating the experiment. Other morning trains could therefore be considered for 2024, particularly linked with holiday departures.
Enjoy your trip from Geneva Airport!

Press Contact:
Ignace Jeannerat
Spokesman Genève Aéroport
+41 76 487 38 23

SBB Press Office
+41 51 220 43 43 / presse@cff.ch