«Take Off» magazine - Summer 2019


Benchmark on the travel market in French-speaking Switzerland, Take Off by Genève Aéroport aims at both weekend travellers and experienced globe-trotters, inviting to discovery and getaways.
This new edition of Take Off by Genève Aéroport pursues its ambition to make you discover new destinations by direct flights from GVA and to make you travel in a more qualitative manner.
After 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines, this new year remains African. Indeed, Kenya Airways will offer a long-haul service from June to Nairobi, four times a week, with excellent further connections. The main article in this issue will take you to the excitement of this capital, the wonders of Masai Mara Park or the colonial architecture of Mombasa.
For those who are already looking for a warm and exotic destination for the winter season, we have good news from the Mauritius. The national airline Air Mauritius returns to Geneva with two flights per week and an extended service period.
Finally, to get off the beaten track, this publication also offers you some more “focused” travel ideas: Apulia in southern Italy, Finland or even Moldova!
Enjoy your take-off from Genève Aéroport

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