TPG / unireso - New services starting April 24th, 2017


Starting on April 24th, the TPG announced the opening of two new Express lines operating weekly from Monday to Friday from and to Genève Aéroport.

Line 5 + Express on the route: Airport - Thônex Vallard (via the following stops: Palexpo, Grand-Saconnex, Nations, Gare Cornavin, Terrassière, Muséum, Rieu, P+R Sous-Moulin), with 4 frequencies in the morning and in the evening both ways.

Line V + on the route: Airport - Montfleury (via the following stops: Fret, Tunnel Routier, Valavran, Vieux-Valavran, Genthod-Village, La Pralay, Les Fayards, Entrée-Versoix, Versoix-Bourg, Versoix-Gare, Versoix-Argand, Pont-Céard, Port Choiseul) with 2 frequencies in the morning from Montfleury to the airport and two frequencies in the evening from the airport to Montfleury.

Detailed schedules: