SWISS offers its customers a new entertainment experience


SWISS travellers from Geneva can enjoy a new digital entertainment experience from 7 July. The experimental new facility, which has been developed together with SITA and the Geneva airport authority, will be available in the departure halls and lounges and soon aboard SWISS flights from the airport within Europe.

The new "SWISS e-media" service, which is being offered exclusively to SWISS customers, provides almost instant access to TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Travellers can thus read the daily paper, browse a magazine, enjoy the programmes provided by Swiss Radio & TV or play games, and can download the content directly to their smartphone or tablet device. Thanks to the easy-to-download app, they can also take this content with them and continue to enjoy it aboard their flight.

The three-month SWISS e-media trial has been devised by SITA, the IT provider for the aviation industry, but is fully in line with SWISS’s own policy of constant innovation and further product development. "We see SWISS e-media as a major innovation that will further enhance the air travel experience for our customers from Geneva,” says SWISS Marketing Distribution Manager Arnaud Delaloye. “Having access to a range of media that they can continue to enjoy at the gate and inflight on their mobile device meets a genuine need for customers who are used to having such facilities in the rest of their lives, and now offers them the same pleasant convenience at the airport and aloft."

Geneva’s airport authority is equally pleased to be involved in the SWISS e-media project, which is unique in Switzerland and fits perfectly into the airport’s own modernization strategy. "We are totally committed to making the airport experience as enjoyable as possible for travellers and offering them the very best in work and entertainment options," confirms Head of Marketing & Business Development Yves-Daniel Viredaz. “So these new facilities are a wonderful addition to the shopping, the restaurants and the further amenities that we already have in our terminal and our departure halls. They also provide a logical link between the waiting time on the ground and the flight itself.”

The new SWISS e-media facility will offer a fresh breeze this summer and will be an interesting experiment in meeting the growing desire among people to remain connected wherever they may be. "More and more travellers want to have global access to entertainment and information via their own devices or on board their flights,” observes Dave Bakker, SITA’s President for Europe. “With its growing portfolio of media products, SITA is ideally equipped to help airlines such as SWISS to meet this rising demand. SWISS e-media offers people flying from Geneva quick and easy access to a wide range of top-quality entertainment that they can select, download and enjoy on and beyond the airport premises."