Gold Medal in the 2015 Swiss Applications Category


The GVApp app and its versions on connected watches have been awarded the Gold Medal by the jury in the 2015 “Best of Swiss Apps”*.

A jury of experts awarded the Gold Medal to the GVApp app, developed by the Geneva company Atipik in collaboration with Genève Aéroport. This medal is rewarding "an excellent application at all levels, that is identifying the way to be followed in the future in this category".

GVApp competed in the category of “Wearables & New Devices” in which developments of applications and original prototypes of watches, virtual reality goggles, smart TV or innovations were evaluated.

This medal recognizes the app that the Genève Aéroport has created in 2013 and its recent development with the Apple Watch extension.

The GVApp’s goal was to allow smartphones’ users to have the Genève Aéroport in their pocket. Thanks to this latest version, compatible with the connected Apple Watch, it “takes it by the hand”.
With a quick look at their wrist, passengers can access most of the features of the app (such as tracking in real time the flight time, car parks free spaces, or the possibility of memorizing their parking space). Genève Aéroport was one of the first - and very few - airports to release a version of its application that is compatible with the revolution that the connected watch promises to bring about.

With this new award, won for the first time by French-speaking Swiss, Genève Aéroport continues to stay well ahead the race in this new technologies sector, it confirms the Airport’s desire to boost the services it offers to passengers, and to put passengers at the heart of its new digital strategies.
Available free of charge from the Apple Store, the GVApp for Apple Watch application will help to ensure the success of the iPhone and Android versions, which have already been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times since their launch, and more than 50,000 times only for 2014.

* The “Best of Swiss Apps” award (best Swiss app) was designed at the initiative of Best of Swiss Web GmbH, SIMSA (Swiss Internet Industry Association), in partnership with the Swiss Association on the Digital Economy and Netzmedien AG, the media group dedicated to business and information and communication technologies.