The 2018 timetable provides for an extension of the offer and new lines numbers.


This year, the timetable change will mainly concern the French-speaking Switzerland. SBB will offer more direct connections and seating.

From the 2018 timetable change, the InterRegio on the axis Genève-Aéroport - Bern - Lucerne will stop at Nyon, Morges, Palézieux and Romont. Nyon and Morges will thus enjoy a direct link to Bern. Palézieux and Romont will be linked to Geneva and Genève-Aéroport thanks to a fast direct connection. On these sections, SBB will deploy above all IC2000 duplexes, providing more seating. InterRegio Genève-Aéroport - Lausanne - Brig trains will now circulate every hour without stopping between Geneva and Lausanne. The travel time between Valais, the Riviera and Geneva will be shortened by 11 minutes.

Standardisation of designations

The train designations for SBB’s long-distance services are being simplified and consolidated in the 2018 timetable. The designation informs customers about the speed and level of comfort offered by services on domestic routes:

  • InterRegio (IR) trains connect small locations with major centres in Switzerland on at least an hourly basis. They provide a reliable basic service. Services such as visual and audio passenger information, power sockets, air conditioning, consistent, high-performance mobile reception via repeaters and self-service bicycle loading are offered as standard.
  • InterCity (IC) trains provide a quick connection between major centres in Switzerland, mostly every 30 minutes. In addition to the basic IR services, they also provide catering options in the restaurant/bistro and/or service at your seat in first class, quiet, business and family zones as well as the option to reserve seats. Self-service bicycle loading is standard, but occasionally must be reserved.
  • International trains between Switzerland and its neighbouring countries will continue to operate under their former, well-known designations: TGV, ICE, Railjet and EuroCity. The same also applies to EuroNight or Nightjet in the case of night-time services. In addition, SBB’s international trains will be consolidated under the designation EuroCity (EC).

The current ICN is being integrated into the IC product brand. Trains with titling technology (ICN, ETR 610) will still be indicated in the electronic timetable for passengers who are interested.

Introduction of line numbers

SBB also plans to introduce line numbers to the national IR and IC trains when the new timetable is introduced to enable customers to use the same easy and reliable systems as they do for the S-Bahn to find out about long-distance services. The aim is to enable both existing customers and new ones who are not confident about using public transport, as well as passengers from abroad to use the systems, already familiar from the S-Bahn to find out about long-distance services easily and reliably too. The intention is for customers to use long-distance services as a kind of “S-Bahn for Switzerland”.