Something new on the Genève Aéroport menu


After a tender launched during the course of last summer, Genève Aéroport is dealing new hands for the management of its bars and food outlets. Several regional and Swiss players are among the companies winning the various lots.

The results of the tender, which was launched in August 2014 to reallocate expiring concessions granted to the managers of Genève Aéroport’s food outlets, are known today.
As a reminder, 22 bar and restaurant units (out of a total of nearly thirty), whose operation was opened to competition, were divided into several lots, based on operational and logistical constraints.

The largest lot, i.e. the "Les Jardins de Genève" food court in the public area, the "Altitude" restaurant, and the airside "La Cuisine" food court and "Swiss Sandwich Bar", operated until now by the Select Service Partner company, went to Autogrill Suisse SA.
The lot comprising the frontal units located in the boarding lounge and in the west wing of the terminal (the Swiss Coffee House, Arc-en-Ciel and Kimbo Café), will be organized around a Montreux Jazz Café in association with the Swiss group Caviar House & Prunier. This lot was managed until now by Autogrill Swiss SA, today’s winner of lot 1.
The bars located in the satellites and the jumbo-jet wing, and also the Swiss Chalet, the Hub n’Co on the arrivals level, and the two outlets in the French sector remain allocated to to the Geneva company Swiss Canonica.
On the arrivals level, the unit currently managed by Tekoe remains with that regional player.  

Twenty or so operators submitted applications that proved overall to be of great quality. The management of Genève Aéroport is satisfied with the success of this open and competitive tenders procedure.

In mid-November 2014, the trading concessions service closed the list of bidders and began the process of selecting the best applications in compliance with the criteria set out in the specification.

During the month of December, the list was pared down to the best projects and the candidates selected were invited to defend their applications during an oral presentation and in-depth discussions. The candidates were particularly urged to present a coherent offer including the parameters related to point-of-sale footfall, the business concept, the products on offer, the quality/price ratio, and the financial model.

The results of this tender procedure reward ambitious projects that serve a desire to innovate and to improve the passenger experience.

The concepts selected, the final details of which will be revealed later, will contribute to the diversity of the commercial offers at Genève Aéroport so as to bring it in line with the expectations of different customer segments (passengers above all, but also accompanying persons and visitors, airport site employees, business customers, local residents).
These concessions are granted for a period of five years and, in some cases, five years plus two, depending on the amount invested by the operator.

It should be noted that this selection procedure rewards players with a strong local and Swiss dimension, underlining Genève Aéroport’s ties to its regional economic surroundings.

As usual, and in accordance with the requirement laid down in the specifications established by Genève Aéroport, the candidates have pledged to take over the staff of concession holders. Outgoing concession holders and successful applicants will negotiate directly the terms and conditions for taking over staff, under the aegis of Genève Aéroport and in collaboration with the competent authorities, in particular the joint committees and the cantonal Office for Labour Inspection and Relations (OCIRT).

The rollout of the new restaurants and bars will begin during the course of next summer and will extend over several months until 2016.