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Already very practical, it continues its improvement. The new update of GVApp is now available for all owners of Apple devices. Overview of these small enhancements that make all the difference...

More than an app, it's a real shopping coach.
The only problem with the 80 shops and restaurants at Genève Aéroport is that we rarely have the time to visit them all. In its new formula, GVApp serves as a guide, classifying the brands according to your wishes (by name, by area or by category) and offering thematic shopping routes. In a glance, you can also identify where the promotions are and even discover the dishes of the day.

Access the Free WiFi by a simple scan.
Do you want to receive your access code for 90 minutes of free WiFi?
Simply scan your boarding pass with your smartphone and that’s it. In addition, this connection is valid on various devices (smartphone, computer, tablet etc.). Getting a WiFi code via SMS, at the Visitors Center or at our self-service kiosks is still possible.

An even smarter plan.
Forget the simple map on which it was not always easy to position yourself. Today, thanks to geolocation, your position will automatically appear on your screen. Therefore, to find the shortest path between you and your boarding gate becomes child's play.

Soon, videos will be online to introduce you to the multitude of tips contained in GVApp.

GVApp is available for free in the Apple Store in French, English, German.

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