The first-class of the new Boeing 777 of Emirates arrives in Europe


A B777-300 ER of Emirates aircraft equipped with the new First-Class cabin will serve Geneva from 1 December 2017.

The new First-Class cabin offers six private suites in configuration 1-1-1, in contrast to the eight private suites in configuration 1-2-1 of the current 777 fleet. Beyond the new arrangement of the First-Class of Emirates, Business and Economy classes will also benefit from some improvements. 

Emirates is the airline that operates the largest number of Boeing 777 in the world. 166 of these large modern and efficient aircraft operate on the Emirates network, connecting six continents from its Dubai hub. Emirates leading edge products and services are constantly reassessed and improved, based on customers’ feedback. Emirates has pioneered the “private suite” concept on commercial flights since 2003, setting a new standard for first-class travel.

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