Daily shuttle from Grenoble, Crolles and Chambéry


Departing from Grenoble, Crolles and Chambéry the AEROCAR shuttle enables travel to one of the natural airports in the Rhône-Alpes region: Genève Aéroport.

Created in 2007, the service is a response to strong demand (passenger numbers up by 25% in 2014). Now an even better matched offer is available:

A new range of times

Since the creation of the service, a recurring demand from its customers has been:

  • To leave Grenoble earlier in order to access the first morning flights from Geneva and thus take advantage of the lower fares of the budget airlines > from 10 April, the first shuttle leaves Grenoble bus station at 03:00.
  • To return later in the evening from Geneva and not get stuck at the airport with no public transport to get to France > from 10 April, the last shuttle leaves Genève Aéroport at 23:45.
    To meet these expectations, Aérocar therefore shifts from 5 to 6 coaches a day.

A new stop at "Presqu'Ile"

Many of AEROCAR's and Genève Aéroport's users are business travellers. The Scientific Peninsula, a hub for innovation and competitiveness, now hosts more than 15,000 employees.

It was therefore natural to come and mark the rue des Martyrs stop, at the heart of the science park before continuing to Grenoble bus station, so as to allow "business" travellers to pick up the shuttle faster.
From 10 April, the last shuttle leaves Genève Aéroport at 23:45.