easyJet continues to branch out from Geneva


easyJet is pleased to announce the opening of two new routes from Geneva: Priština and Tel Aviv. Priština will enable Kosovars living in Switzerland to visit their relatives, while the second destination from Geneva, the White City of Tel Aviv, will offer those using the airline an opportunity to extend their summer and to strengthen the already strong economic and trade ties between the two cities.

After the announcement last December of 8 new destinations for 2010, easyJet does not intend to leave it at that: from June, its customers will be able to fly to Kosovo as often as twice a week. Holidaymakers wishing to bask in the sun of Israel will be able to do so from Geneva, thanks to easyJet’s four flights a week. Businessmen will find this new route facilitates access between the two economic centres. And Tel Aviv, the economic and financial centre of Israel since the '90s, is on the up and up.

  • Geneva International Airport - Priština / Kosovo
    Twice a week – 1st flight on 23 June 2010
  • Geneva International Airport - Tel-Aviv / Israel
    Four times a week - first flight on 30 August 2010

And here is some information to help you choose between the new destinations:

Nicknamed "the city that never sleeps" because of its exuberant nightlife, its dynamism and the diversity of its inhabitants, Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city and an economic and financial hub, extends 14 km along the Mediterranean coast. Wander among the exotic scents of Carmel Market, admire the works on display at the Tel Aviv Art Museum, and visit the White City, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Priština,  the cultural, economic and political centre of Kosovo, will amaze you with its narrow streets, its atmosphere and the hospitality of its inhabitants. Priština is filled with monuments to visit: the Imperial Mosque, built in 1461 or the Kosovo Museum with its display of finds from archaeological excavations. Admire the Clock Tower, which is 26 m high, or relax in the Great Hammam, built in 1470.