easyJet welcomed its 30,000,000th passenger to Geneva today


On Thursday, 28 April 2011, fourteen years after its first flight from Geneva, the easyJet airline welcomed its 30,000,000th passenger. With 4.3 million passengers carried in 2010 alone, easyJet is experiencing exceptional growth and now serves 52 destinations from Genève Aeroport.

On Thursday, 28 April 2011, at about 08:30, easyJet welcomed its thirty millionth passenger at Genève Aeroport. Boarding for Porto on flight EZS 1453, Mrs. Generosa Ribeiro Rosende and Mr. Albino Da Costa Santos, both from Portugal and living in Payerne, were welcomed by representatives of easyJet and Genève Aeroport. They were given air tickets by the airline, while the airport authorities presented them with a variety of gifts and vouchers.

To celebrate this event with all its other customers, easyJet will offer the chance of winning two free tickets every hour on its Geneva Facebook page throughout the day of 28 April.

Since its first flight on 18 December 1997 between Geneva and Luton, the low-cost airline easyJet has experienced strong growth. In 2010, it continued to do so, growing by 8% and carrying some 4.3 million passengers in Geneva, or 35.8% of market share at Genève Aeroport.

"We have been able to provide passengers with an affordable air service from Genève Aeroport, " said Peter Voets. The marketing director of the orange airline is delighted: "The network from Geneva is growing at the rate predicted when the Geneva-based venture started, and travellers respond very favourably to every product and service easyJet has developed. We are happy to see that our product appeals to an ever-increasing audience: one in every three easyJet passengers comes from neighbouring France, and this trend is increasing each year."

The airport authorities, for their part, welcomed the dynamism shown by easyJet, which has helped to increase the number of flights from Geneva and has accompanied the spectacular growth experienced by the airport over the last fifteen years or so. "As an economic, financial, diplomatic and tourist centre, Geneva has a catchment area with a great mixture of passenger types", Robert Deillon explains. The CEO of Genève Aeroport comments that the easyJet product is able to satisfy the needs of all those travellers, and that the volume of traffic generated by the low-cost airline has enabled the airport to raise its quality standards, modernize and expand, while at the same time enabling it to become more attractive to a number of major traditional airlines, as evidenced by the development of the long-haul network and the enhanced presence of some other airlines in Geneva.

easyJet Geneva’s 30 millionth passenger and her husband (centre) were presented with gifts by Mr. Peter Voets, Marketing Director (left) and Mr. Nicolas Gaspoz, Infrastructure Director of Genève Aeroport.