Genève Aéroport launches the GVApp application


Downloadable to PDAs (iPhone and Android smartphones) and some digital tablets (iPad), the GVApp application offers passengers and those accompanying them the ability to put the airport "into their pockets”.

"Developed to meet the technology standards of mobile devices like the iPhone and Android, with a specific program for iPad tablets, the GVApp application will offer travellers and those accompanying them information on the status of flights and car parks, etc.

Once the GVApp application has been downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, the user can access a page that displays the status of departing and arriving flights.
Inspired by the design of the screens in the terminal, this display enables the user to locate the flight number, the airline operating it, its destination, the scheduled  take-off or landing time, and the confirmed time.

Using the tried and tested foundations of the system already used on our website, the GVApp application can also generate automatic alerts to track one or more flights. This original program is a valuable tool that enables GVApp to differentiate itself in this area from the applications often developed by airports.

A car-park menu also enables users to check the availability of spaces in the car parks managed by the airport authorities. The application also allows the user to calculate the cost of parking for a given period.

In addition, as of now, GVApp delivers other information about what is happening at the airport and gives access to a variety of maps and practical contact lists.

Using the feedback on experience accumulated over time through the continuous evolution of its website, Genève Aéroport has developed a simple and ergonomic application designed to meet the basic needs expressed by the electronic media users with whom the airport is building ever closer ties.

Other functions relating in particular to shopping and catering will soon be added to this initial offering and will be available by the end of the year in version 2.

Like that on our website, the information provided via the GVApp application will be available in three languages: French, German and English.

The GVApp application is available on the App Store and Android Market web sites.