Genève Aéroport opens its Visitors Centre to the public


Following the works to renovate, expand and modernize the terminal, and after the work done on the layout of the shops and restaurants, Genève Aéroport has opened to the public a unique counter to welcome and inform its passengers on arrival.

A "Visitors Centre" was opened to the public on 9 December 2011 on the arrivals level of Genève Aéroport. This set of counters, combining wood, glass and light, structures the space of the arrivals hall by releasing volume at its centre.

As the first image of Geneva offered to passengers on their arrival, the Visitors Centre is a visible achievement in modern design and ergonomics. It makes its presence felt above all as a one-stop entry point for passengers to obtain information and services from both airport management and its various partners involved in Geneva’s economic, tourist and cultural development: Genève Tourisme, the Coach Station, and Accueil France.

The Visitors Centre was designed in particular following the same logic as the many efforts made over the years to improve the range of shops and restaurants on the airport. It also embodies the desire to optimize the quality of the welcome and ergonomics of the airport, particularly in terms of services, information and communication.
It is also a further element of the other thinking engaged in as part of the recent change in the airport’s visual identity, the total makeover of our web portal, and the change of signage.

The Visitors Centre is the work of the Atelier Oi design and architecture bureau.