Geneva International Airport acquires a mobile terminal


On Wednesday 9 February 2011, Geneva International Airport inaugurated the mobile terminal it acquired recently to meet occasional needs for additional reception areas.

Geneva International Airport recently acquired a mobile terminal that is easy to assemble and disassemble, and that can be set up in different locations on the Airport. This infrastructure will make it possible to create additional temporary reception areas that comply with the safety standards demanded by the regulator, while providing acceptable standards of comfort for passengers.

Involved as it is in a variety of major projects to modernize and expand its infrastructure, the Airport must also regularly commission work to renovate existing buildings. Some phases of such works deprive it for a while of valuable usable areas. "For years now, we have been looking for solutions that would enable us to provide additional space temporarily so as to ensure the continuity of operations in proper conditions", Robert Deillon explained. GVA’s CEO found the solution in a product developed by the Austrian company TMT.

Consisting of a solid metal frame with sealed textile walls containing compressed air, this futuristically shaped, heated, terminal, is equipped with all the connections needed for it to function as a real annex of the main building.

Set up temporarily in front of the terminal, landside on the check-in level, this mobile terminal will be tested by the airport authorities from now until the end of winter to cope, if need be, with any disruptions that may occur during the winter season, the busiest time of the year.

Other uses of the mobile terminal are already under consideration airside, to replace some items of infrastructure that were destroyed or taken out of service during the construction of the east wing, for example, or when the satellites are being renovated.

With this mobile terminal, Geneva International Airport is acquiring a flexible tool that will enable it to be prepared for one-off needs on its agenda. The structure will also enable it to respond to contingencies affecting the aviation sector.

Terminal mobile de lAIG

Terminal mobile de lAIG