GVApp 2.0 gives Genève Aéroport's application another dimension


The new version of Genève Aéroport’s official application optimises the services offered by the previous versions and becomes a travel assistant to better serve passengers’ needs.

Did you like GVApp version 1?
You are going to love version 2, which ramps up the talents of your personal assistant!

Developed to satisfy the technological standards of iPhone and Android mobile devices (with specific development for iPad tablets), the GVApp application was already able to offer travellers and those accompanying them such things as information about flight status and to provide flight tracking alert notifications. It told users about availability in the various car parks and enabled them to simulate the cost of parking. And the GVApp application also enabled access to a panel giving the latest news about the airport.

GVApp version 2.0 continues and optimises these services. The application now adds information about the airline, the type of aircraft operated, the flight number, and real-time flight status, and it also tells which counters have been allocated for baggage check-in for each flight, the boarding gate, or the carousel from which to collect baggage on arrival.

These air-transport features have been extended to public transport and make it possible to check the times of the next bus and train departures from Genève Aéroport. Practical information of all kinds on free hotel shuttle buses, car rentals and taxis is also available.

Car-park related services are also evolving, and the application allow users to e.g. note their space, so as not to waste time on their return.

In its new version, the application becomes a guide to help passengers with any difficulties at the airport. To that end, GVApp 2.0 provides interactive maps of the airport and enables users to define a route from one point to another. Each shop on the airport is mapped and has a descriptive card making it possible to find all kinds of practical information.

Accessible from flight tracking, a list of formalities to complete - on both arrival and departure - together with a description of procedures, enables the user to travel hassle-free, with no fear of forgetting anything.

Last but not least, a five-day weather forecast can be viewed from the same application.

These new features, available in French, German and English, have been completely redesigned to combine ergonomics with aesthetics.

GVApp 2.0, available in the App Store and Android Market, was developed by Atipik from Geneva. The interactive maps were designed by Visioglobe from Grenoble.