Encouraging results at the end of July 2014 in Geneva


Encouraging results at the end of July 2014 in Geneva

Between 1 January and the end of July 2014, SWISS carried 1,302,131 passengers to and from Geneva Airport, and for the month of July reached a market share at Genève Aéroport of 16.8% with a rise in passenger numbers of 14.4% over July 2013. For four months in a row, SWISS at Genève Aéroport has shown faster growth in terms of passengers than its competitors.

Results that are explained mainly by attractively priced new products launched last September (GVA Economy Light and Flex) and the considerable development of its portfolio of destinations from Geneva, which rose from 13 in 2012 to 30 in 2014. New destinations are also under consideration. "We want to be even more responsive to our passengers, be able to offer them attractive rates, and remain a benchmark for on-board hospitality," commented Lorenzo Stoll, adding that "Passengers have forgotten that even at an attractive price, air travel can still go hand in hand with the values that are part of the DNA of SWISS and dear to us: a sense of service, listening, and attention to passengers".

Values passed on to 125 new recruits

125 new recruits taken on recently are already proudly wearing the uniform of SWISS from Genève Aéroport. These crew members will be joined by a further 25 employees by October, making a total of 150 flight attendants, all from the region, 90% of whom have previous experience in the air.  Within this new team, 24 handpicked members have been selected to be cabin pursers on flights from Geneva. These new faces, the airline’s on-board ambassadors, are central to communication between passengers,  ground staff, cabin crew, and the cockpit. They also ensure safety and comfort on board,  and receive extensive additional training. Rui Miguel Agostinho, a cabin purser, is particularly delighted with this new function, "It is an honour for me that the company entrusts me with these responsibilities and expects me to pass on the values of SWISS to my crew". Virginia Brochet, a newly appointed cabin purser in Geneva, adds: "I want above all to play a key role in the development and success of this base; it is a challenge that I accept with pride".