Geneva airport arranges getaways for thousands of tourists


More than 11.3 million passengers passed through Geneva International Airport (GVA) in 2009.Half of them - 5.64 million people - were departing travellers. For the most part, they were from the French-speaking cantons, neighbouring German-speaking cantons, and surrounding French departments. Fifty percent of them were businessmen, while the other half (or nearly three million travellers) were travelling for family reasons or as tourists.

While the internet offers many ways to book flight-only tickets or travel packages, more and more of those looking for a change of scenery are seeking more personalized offers or more unusual destinations.
Every year since 1998, Geneva International Airport has been organizing for them meetings with professionals in the air-travel and tourism industries, using a format that changes to suit new demands.

Travel and Getaway Day 2010
is this Sunday, 18 April,
from 09:00 to 18:00,
in the Swiss Railways station shopping arcade

Fancy a sporting, cultural, gastronomic, or health-oriented holiday? You can find the answer from the exhibitors. For this latest Day, 13 airlines and some 14 tour operators and other travel agencies will be present. They will be promoting or selling “custom” products to their audience.
For the getaways to begin on the spot, a variety of stands will have as their theme crafts, or culinary and cultural specialities from various regions of the world, including Asia, South America, Africa or the countries of the Mediterranean. There will be entertainment with music and dance shows. In the same spirit, there will be sports demonstrations throughout the day, and many airline tickets will be given away to the audience.

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