Darwin Airline News for Summer 2012


Darwin Airline, the Swiss airline, a leader in the alpine and sub-alpine region, is revving up its engines for summer 2012.

From Geneva, Darwin Airline offers direct flights to Ibiza (every Friday and Sunday) and Valencia (every Thursday and Saturday) in Spain, and also to Biarritz (every Friday and Monday) and Saint-Tropez (every Friday and Sunday) in France. In addition, it offers connecting flights via Lugano to typical seaside resort destinations like Rimini and Olbia.

  • From Geneva at 16:30, arriving in Ibiza at 18:35 every Friday and Sunday
  • From Ibiza at 21:25, arriving in Geneva at 23:25 every Friday and Sunday

Thanks to these innovations, the Darwin Airline network will route its passengers to the best summer destinations in addition to its traditional destinations, from Geneva to Lugano, Luxembourg, Rome, Genoa, Florence, Venice, Saint-Tropez*, Biarritz*, Ibiza* Valencia*, Olbia* (via Lugano), and Rimini* (via Lugano).
* summer routes

Darwin Airline also announces the relaunch of its Premium Economy class: many new features and services have been introduced to improve the comfort of business travellers.

The many new features of this class include: the reservations-only telephone line to provide assistance before and after the flight, the on-line check-in available in Geneva, Lugano and Zurich, and the fast track in Geneva, Zurich, Rome, Rimini, Venice, and Nice. Access to the VIP lounges has been extended to nine airports, and for passengers travelling in Premium Economy with Darwin Airline, the baggage allowance is 32kg each. On board, Darwin Airline offers Premium passengers many benefits: a seat at the front of the aircraft, the option of hanging jackets in the closet, dedicated newspapers and magazines, an extra drink and an extra snack.

Also with an eye to offering a star service, Darwin Airline has recently activated a Multi-Destination service, a fundamental tool to help plan trips from one city to another. This service makes it possible to connect all the destinations of the Darwin Airline network and issue a single ticket instead of booking just the flights, thus significantly reducing the total cost of the ticket.

For information and reservations
www.darwinairline.com or via your travel agent.