DARWIN AIRLINE: two new routes from Geneva



Darwin Airline is proud to announce the launch of two new routes from Genève Aéroport to Genoa and from Genève Aéroport to Luxembourg.This is a strategic step that represents one of Darwin Airline’s major goals for 2012: to be confirmed as the reference Swiss regional airline in the alpine and subalpine region.

Commercial relations between Liguria and Switzerland are based on solid foundations. A Swiss Consulate was established in Genoa back in 1799, and the Swiss used ports to export their products worldwide, especially during the XIXth century. The sector that best represents trade between Switzerland and Liguria today is manufactured products. This is one of the reasons why Darwin Airline has decided to strengthen its own position in the region. Liguria is also one of the favourite destinations of the Swiss for their summer holidays. Holiday traffic is therefore the other factor that has played a predominant role in Darwin’s choice. That is why Darwin Airline has identified the Ligurian capital as an essential destination to which to start flying.

The Genoa and Luxembourg routes will be flown by Saab 2000 50-seater planes with two flights a day from Monday to Friday and one on Sunday.

The flight schedule will thus be as follows:

Geneva - Genoa:
• Two flights a day from Monday to Friday at 12:50 and 20:40
• One flight a day on Sunday at 20:40
• Prices from CHF 99.- /79 € per flight, including taxes

Geneva - Luxembourg:
• Two flights a day from Monday to Friday at 08:05 and 17:15
• One flight a day on Sunday at 17:15
• Prices from CHF 99.- /79 € per flight, including taxes

With the introduction of these new routes, Darwin Airline will offer the public in Switzerland and northern Italy an extensive network of destinations that will connect:

Lugano to Geneva, Rome, Luxembourg (via Geneva), Florence (via Geneva), Olbia*, Cagliari*, Pantelleria*, Crotone*, Catania*
Geneva to Luxembourg, Rome, Genoa, Florence, Venice, St. Tropez*, Biarritz*, Ibiza* and Valencia*, Olbia* (Via Lugano), Cagliari* (Via Lugano), Pantelleria* (Via Lugano)
Genoa to Geneva and Zurich
Nice to Venice*
Rimini to Rome

* summer flights