An outstanding July for Genève Aéroport


The figures for the month of July 2011 are the illustration of a profound structural change in activities on Geneva's airport.

During the month of July 2011, Genève Aéroport hosted 1,246,216 passengers, 200,158 more than in July 2008, the year of all records.
Also In July 2011, the number of movements (take offs and landings) was 11,386, up from 11,225 in July 2008.
A comparison of the results for July 2008 with those for July 2011 shows that passenger volume rose by 19.1%, while the number of movements increased by only 1.43%.
For the first time in the airport's history, the volume of freight carried in July 2011 topped the 4,000 tons per month figure, at 4,144 tons.
This means that July 2011 was the second best month in the airport's history in terms of passenger numbers, the absolute record having been set in March 2008, when 1,287,269 passengers passed through Geneva's airport.
Another record was broken last month in terms of the number of passengers to the North Atlantic. The four routes serving New York (by Swiss and Continental Airlines), Washington (United Airlines) and Montreal-Toronto (Air Canada) carried some 47,744 passengers, up from 30,198 in 2008, an increase of 58.1%.

These figures are an illustration of the dynamism of the airline industry in general and the positive development of traffic in Geneva in particular. They provide a good picture of the growth that the airport has to handle. These results are a reminder that the building works and projects currently underway at Genève Aéroport were undertaken precisely to provide harmonious support for this growth: it is not the job of Genève Aéroport to do more, but to do ever better. Note in this regard that the record number of passengers transited our facilities with no reduction of our performance in terms of flow, waiting times and service quality.

These exceptional results in the short term should not however conceal the profound change in structural realities of which they are a reflection.

For the first time, for example, traffic in July was higher than in March. This means that winter tourism and snow charter activity is far from being the only driving force behind Genève Aéroport's activities. The significant development of summer tourism is bringing balance to our business and helping to smooth peaks over the year.
The very favorable relationship between the (huge) change in the number of passengers and the (very small) increase in the number of movements shows that the development of supply has been a response to real demand from a growing number of travellers within Genève Aéroport’s catchment area.

This evolution of Genève Aéroport's activities is consistent with the forecasts made by airport management. It provides confirmation that the choices made in recent years in terms of investment, market positioning and strategic options were the appropriate ones. This new situation, which is a profound change, should be seen as a very promising signal in the development of the airport, of Geneva, and of its region.