gva.ch gets a new look!


It’s more a birth than a rebirth: as of Monday 19 June 2006, the Geneva International Airport website – www.gva.ch – has acquired a new look! The first version, launched in 1998, had done its time - design techniques having evolved considerably - and the new version is totally different.

The Airport’s policy is very clear in these matters: a website is not just an accessory, it is a fully-fledged communication tool that should not merely convey information, but should also establish an ongoing dialogue with internet users by being as user-friendly as possible.

Following a public tender, Fribourg’s Infoteam is the company that has implemented the content management system (CMS). Within the Airport, the Marketing-Communication and IT divisions have been doing the work to complete all aspects of the project. The “look” of the new site is the work of Geneva’s Procab Studio.

Practical and user-friendly, the site offers internet users three entry points from its home page:

  • travellers (practical information for the general public)
  • shopping & services (information relating to the shops and services offered within the Airport)
  • institutional (information for professionals, B2B relations)

Available from today in French and English, it will also be available in German before the end of the year. It has also been structured to comply with Internet accessibility standards, particularly for the non-sighted.

Gva.ch is aiming above all to be a practical instrument serving not only passengers but also all the actors in the tourism chain, enabling a dialogue with everyone thanks to its high degree of interactivity.