Important information for all passengers travelling from Geneva Airport


As of Monday 6 November 2006, European authorities are implementing new security measures for all passengers travelling from European airports.

It is authorized to take containers with liquids, gels or aerosols on board as carry-on luggage. These include drinks, shampoos, sun creams, creams, toothpastes, perfumes and other products with a similar consistency, in compliance with the following strict conditions:

  • Each container must not exceed 100 ml maximum quantity.
  • All containers must fit inside 1-liter transparent plastic bags (freezer bags), and it must be possible to seal each bag.

Any containers that do not fit inside a plastic bag must be placed inside hold baggage, or they will be removed and destroyed. Any container with a content exceeding 100 ml must be placed inside hold baggage, or it will be removed and destroyed.

However, the following exception is authorized:

  • Liquids or gels for diabetics who can prove that they are medically essential.
  • Medication accompanied by a prescription from a doctor, which is written in the name of the person travelling.
  • Milk and food in small quantities for babies travelling.

Products available at airport shopping outlets may be purchased in controlled areas, but these will be handed to passengers in sealed bags with a proof of purchase.

Moreover, you are kindly requested to take off jackets and coats, and to remove electrical and electronic items such as laptop computers, mobile phones, stereo music headsets, etc. from your carry-on luggage / hand bags at the security gates.

Thank you for your understanding.