Winter timetable 2000 - 2001


When the Winter 2000-2001 timetable comes into effect on Sunday 29 October 2000, there will be 71 destinations - 52 in Europe and 19 on the other continents - served by direct scheduled flights from Geneva International Airport (AIG). Thirty-six scheduled airlines will be operating at Geneva International Airport this Winter. Twenty-eight destinations are served by the Qualiflyer Group : 14 by Crossair, 8 by Swissair and 7 by the other members of the group (Sabena, AOM, Turkish Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Air Littoral and Balair). Fifty destinations are served by other airlines.

Compared with the Winter 1999-2000 timetable, there are a number of new destinations including, first of all, Paris-Orly, with 7 flights a day by AOM, under a code-sharing arrangement with Swissair. Paris-Orly airport, with its easy access to Paris, offers some clear benefits for businessmen whose points of interest are located to the South of the French capital.

Then there is Florence as a new destination, with 4 flights a week by KLM Alps.

Another new scheduled destination is Punta Cana, in the Caribbean, with one flight a week by Balair CTA, under a code-sharing arrangement with Swissair. The West Indies are moving even closer to Geneva, since Balair is putting on a weekly charter flight to Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe).

It may also be noted that the frequency of some daily flights is increasing, in particular to Barcelona on Iberia (three flights), which means that the round-trip can now be made during the day, and also to Rome, where Crossair will henceforth be operating two flights that also permit the round trip; SAS will be flying to Copenhagen twice a day. Other points of note are more frequent flights to Moscow for Aeroflot, whose flight becomes a daily one and will be operated using A310s; and to Tel Aviv, El Al will be operating six flights a week under code-sharing arrangements with Swissair.

On the charter-flight side, 11 destinations will be served from Geneva International Airport.