GVA's doors to the North open wider


Norwegian, the largest low-cost airline in Scandinavia, has chosen to step up its services to Geneva from several northern capitals. Initially based in Oslo (Norway), the Norwegian airline is basing its development at Stockholm (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark) airports.

Norwegian will thus be starting a new route between Geneva and Copenhagen with two return flights a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, starting from the 2009-2010 winter season.

Norwegian will also be increasing the frequency of its existing flights. This means the Geneva-Oslo connection will be flown four times a week next season, while the Geneva-Stockholm route will operate three times a week.

The rise of the Norwegian airline is added support for the development of Geneva International Airport. The new routes will help to confirm Geneva's status as a gateway to the Alps for the winter season. They will generate new customers for the Swiss and French ski resorts. Conversely, passengers from Geneva will benefit from wider openings to the enchanting landscapes of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

More information at www.norwegian.com