The airport is ready to deal with a pandemic


"What matters is not predicting the future but preparing for it."
Pericles (ca. 500-429 BC)

The World Health Organization (WHO) decided yesterday to raise by one notch the global health alert level. The authorities of Geneva International Airport (GVA) have therefore activated the first phase of the pandemic component of their Business Continuity Plan (BCP-P).

This plan for operational continuity in the event of a pandemic was developed in 2006 specifically in anticipation of a pandemic.

A situation of that nature would in fact see GVA facing two urgent tasks:

  • The urgent health task of dealing with the arrival of a passenger or passengers who may be infected. This support is provided by the Airport Security Service (SSA) in collaboration with the cantonal health authorities.
  • The urgent operational task of keeping Geneva International Airport running by ensuring flight operations continue in complete safety, maintaining the activity of all or part of the operation of the shopping arcades, and limiting any spread of the illness to the Airport’s employees, suppliers and customers. These arrangements are set up by the airport authorities in line with their responsibilities as an employer and as a major infrastructure operator.

Activation of this introductory phase of the GVA BCP-P at level 4 triggers the application of a number of measures:

  • The officers of the Business Continuity Plan meet.
  • Detailed information about the situation is communicated regularly to staff and partners.
  • Stocks of protective equipment for personnel are inspected and topped up.
  • Contacts are made with partner companies to ensure continuity of operations.
  • Technical measures to reduce infection are prepared. They will not be applied unless the situation deteriorates.

Other measures could be put into effect if the alert level changes.
We will keep you informed of developments.

Please inform your readers/listeners/viewers that Geneva International Airport is operating as usual and that, at this stage, no measures are being applied to passengers.