GVA baggage carts: moving to a coin deposit system!


At present, Geneva International Airport, along with Swiss Railways (CFF), provides for the use of its passengers (free of charge) 1'700 baggage carts that can be used inside the terminal, the car parks, or the Swiss Railways Geneva Airport station.

These baggage carts are rather popular because they can carry a lot and they are tough, which means in particular that they can be used on escalators. But many of their users tend to drop them off anywhere they like, which makes it harder for those whose job it is to collect them, and is a cause for complaint for anyone looking for one to use...

GVA has therefore decided to fit its baggage carts with a coin deposit system - like that used  at many airports - so that  they can be picked up at cart stations by inserting  a 2 franc or 2 Euro coin. A total of 83 stations will be located around the airport. GVA hopes this will mean that it will be easier to find a baggage cart - they will still be free of charge - after Tuesday 13 November 2007, when the new system comes into effect.