Air Malta: GVA-Catania 3x a week


New: from May 2007, 3 times a week, direct scheduled flight to CATANIA.

Known at one time as Trinacria "the three-pointed island" because of its triangular shape, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. It is marked by two large volcanic formations: Etna to the North and the Ibleis Mountains in the South. It has a Mediterranean-type climate: hot dry Summers alternating with mild and humid Winters. The island landscape consists of citrus vines and Barbary fig trees and also numerous archaeological remains.

Air Malta
Founded in 1974, Air Malta, the official airline of the State of Malta, flies to 36 destinations in Europe and North Africa. In addition to its direct flights between Malta and Geneva, Air Malta also offers direct flights from Geneva to Sicily/Catania.

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