• Return from countries at risk/quarantine

    I live in Switzerland

    Look up on Travelcheck whether you have the right to enter Switzerland, and if so under what conditions.
    I follow the instructions in force of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

    All passengers entering Switzerland by plane must register their details via the electronic personal data registration form or on the contact cards provided by the FOPH.

    The quarantine requirement is lifted for people entering Switzerland from the Schengen area.
    Screening is only compulsory for travellers arriving by air who have not been vaccinated and who do not have the status of cured persons.

    Fully vaccinated people who are able to prove their vaccination status can enter Switzerland from third countries outside the Schengen area.
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    En provenance d’un pays où circule un variant préoccupant, les voyageurs vaccinés/guéris ne sont pas soumis à un dépistage ou à une quarantaine. Ceux n’étant pas vaccinés ou guéris doivent présenter le résultat négatif d’un test PCR ou d’un test rapide antigénique, déclarer leur arrivée aux autorités compétentes et se mettre en quarantaine.

    Coming from a country where a variant of concern circulates, vaccinated/cured travellers are not subject to screening or quarantine. Those who have not been vaccinated or cured must show a negative result of a PCR test or a rapid antigen test, report their arrival to the competent authorities and go into quarantine.

    Children under 16 do not have to provide proof of a negative PCR test when entering Switzerland and before boarding an aircraft.

    As of June 2021, the Swiss COVID certificate notifies the information related to a vaccination, a cured infection or a negative test. It can be presented in paper or digital form.Since 9 July, the EU has recognised the Swiss certificate. Switzerland recognises the certificates issued by the EU and EFTA Member States.
    Please note that a COVID certificate valid in Switzerland does not guarantee entry into other countries. It is imperative that you check with your airline before each trip to find out what the entry requirements are. More information on the COVID certificate

    For more information, I also consult the dedicated FAQs.

    I live in France

    Since 9 June, travels to France have reopened, but arrangements from or to other countries differ according to the travellers' vaccination status and the health situation in third countries. The latter are classified by a colour code: green, orange and red. Depending on the colour code, the obligations related to tests/quarantines may vary.

    It is imperative to find out from the airlines before each trip about the conditions of entry into the country of destination (testing requirements, quarantine, etc.).
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    In order to facilitate the border crossing and allow a considerable saving of time, the French customs ask the passengers arriving in France and coming from countries classified as "red" for the COVID-19 risk to pre-fill the data of the required form on their cell phone. The dedicated application is accessible here:

    Find out about the formalities in force in France.

    Passengers in transit are not subject to the quarantine requirement. A person returning from a territory at high risk of infection will therefore pass through Genève Aéroport, both international and French sectors, without any particular control to reach their place of residence in France.

    I follow the instructions in force on the France Diplomatie website.

    For more information, I also consult the dedicated FAQs.

  • Measures implemented by Genève Aéroport

    I am aware of the various measures implemented by Genève Aéroport:

  • Information about my flight

    At least 48 hours before my departure and before my return, I shall read the conditions put in place by my airline:

    If I want to find out if my flight is maintained the day before I leave or the same day, I should consult the Daily departures page.

    For more information, I also consult the dedicated FAQs.