Genève Aéroport: high level of traffic expected at the end of the year


In order to cope with the expected high traffic levels for the end of the year and the beginning of 2023, Genève Aéroport and all its partners are mobilised to ensure that passengers have a smooth journey.

As of Friday 16 December, the number of passengers arriving and departing from Geneva will experience a strong growth, similar to the high activity of last July and August. According to forecasts, passenger traffic should reach significant levels during the Christmas period and until Sunday 7 January 2023, close to numbers seen before the COVID crisis. On the busiest days, this will represent some 50,000 to 58,000 passengers per day.

All the teams at Genève Aéroport and those of the airport's partners, in particular the handling agents and security teams, are mobilised and reinforced to welcome and transport passengers to their destination, on time and in complete safety.

Given the complex and fragile situation at some airports and air traffic control centres, possible industrial action in some countries and, of course, the sometimes severe winter weather conditions, last-minute flight cancellations by airlines cannot be ruled out.

Precautions to take: arrive two and a half hours in advance

Before departure, travellers are advised to check with their airline for the status of their flight and to monitor the situation on Geneva Airport's GVApp application and, from a health point of view (Covid), to observe the requirements of the destination country.

During this busy period, it is advisable to allow sufficient time for airport formalities and, for example, to arrive two and a half hours in advance. As a reminder, some airlines offer the possibility to check in your luggage via the Internet or at the "Express Check-in" kiosks installed in the terminal.

Particular attention should be paid to security checks: preparing liquids in plastic bags and avoiding dangerous products will reduce the waiting time. Also be careful not to forget or abandon baggage in the terminal. An abandoned item will result in security intervention by teams specialised in neutralising, removing and detecting explosive devices, closing off areas and accesses, inducing sometimes long waits and possible missed flights.
Genève Aéroport would like to remind you that services can be purchased online on its website, in particular Priority Lane (a queue cutter at security checkpoints) and carbon offsetting.