Air traffic noise: Genève Aéroport welcomes the approval of the new operating regulations by the Swiss Confederation


Genève Aéroport is pleased with the approval by the Swiss Confederation of the new operating regulations for the airport. This decision will allow for the deployment of the necessary measures to control the evolution of air traffic noise in Geneva according to the strategic plan of Geneva Airport. An innovative quota system, devised by Geneva Airport, will be put in place to limit night-time take-offs.  

The Swiss Confederation approved today modifications to the operating regulations of Genève Aéroport. This document now integrates the objectives of the Sectoral Plan for Aeronautical Infrastructure (PSIA). As a reminder, it introduces a maximum air traffic noise limit (noise ceiling curve), as well as a noise reduction target for 2030 (target noise curve).

Quotas limiting night flights

In order to comply with this framework, Genève Aéroport has submitted a dossier requesting approval of measures to limit night-time take-offs.

In concrete terms, the new operating regulations introduce an innovative quota system devised by Genève Aéroport to limit take-offs planned before 10 pm but delayed beyond that time. This system provides for the collection of progressive and dissuasive taxes in the event that the quotas are exceeded.

New allowable noise

Today's decision also sets a new noise limit, known as the "new permissible noise", capping the maximum noise level at the airport. A control system is foreseen and, in case of exceeding the limit, Genève Aéroport must propose the necessary measures to respect it. If necessary, the FOCA can impose such measures. 

Limiting the time spent on the road

The federal decision also includes the adoption of a technical plan allowing the construction of a new fast runway exit. This project will make it possible to reduce taxiing times on the runway and tarmac, limit C02 emissions and noise pollution for local residents.

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