Award of new security contracts to three companies


Following a call for tenders, on the proposal of the advisory board for tenders (Comité d’analyses et de Conseil des Appels d’offres) and after the Infrastructure Commission and then the Board of Directors in corpore ensured that the process was carried out correctly, Geneva Airport awarded the new security services contracts on 31 January 2023 to three companies – Protectas Aviation Security SA, Custodio SA et SPS Société Privée de Sécurité SA -. These contracts will cover the period from 1er November 2023 to 31st October 2028. These tender decisions are still subject to appeal.

The cumulative value of the contracts over five years is estimated at CHF 140 million. Throughout the tender process, which began in 2022, an auditing firm accompanied the work of the Comité d’analyses et de Conseil des Appels d’offres.

At Geneva Airport, security services cover several tasks. In addition to the security control of passengers, the main tasks are surveillance, access control, queue management, preparation of passengers for inspection, screening of staff, supplies, vehicles and hold luggage, surveillance of car parks, etc.

To accomplish these missions, Genève Aéroport directly employs 273 people. In addition, the autonomous public institution awards security service contracts to specialized companies that meet the professional and social criteria set. At the beginning of 2023, these contracts represented some 380 employees hired by three companies.

For the 2023-2028 period, the perimeters of the awarded mandates have been slightly modified compared to previous mandates. Three companies – Protectas Aviation Security SA, Custodio SA et SPS Société Privée de Sécurité SA - have been awarded the newly defined mandates. Apart from queue management, all tasks will be carried out by certified security officers, which is not the case at present (e.g. preparation for screening by Securitas reception officers).

As this decision may be subject to appeal, contracts will only be signed once the appeal period has expired. In addition, the tender rules plan that the newly appointed service providers commit to retake over the entire contractual relationships with the employees of the outgoing service providers who become unemployed as a result of the award of these contracts and who wish to join the awarded companies.