Genève Aéroport increases its fleet of electric buses


Since the beginning of April, two brand new buses, 100% electric, less polluting and less noisy, have been circulating on the apron at Genève Aéroport. With twelve other buses already running on electricity, they transport passengers from the departure lounges to the aircraft, and from the aircraft to the terminal. Thanks to this acquisition, Genève Aéroport will be able to save more than 50 tonnes of CO2 this year. 

Bus électrique Genève Aéroport

14 electric buses serving the passengers

Zero CO2 without offsetting by 2050: this is the objective that Genève Aéroport has set itself in 2019. To achieve this, various projects have been launched, including the transition to electric mobility. Result: in 2021, 30% of vehicles and machines circulating on the apron were electric or hybrid. 

Concerning passenger transport on the apron, Genève Aéroport undertook in 2008 to acquire ten electric buses over a period of ten years, for an investment of 6.5 million CHF. This schedule has been delayed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. At the beginning of April, the last two buses of the programme arrived on site. 


« Now, 46% of vehicles dedicated to passenger transport run on electricity », explains Martin Bichsel, from the Mechanical Department.  

Bus électrique Genève Aéroport

This operation will make it possible to limit the carbon footprint of Genève Aéroport. 
Please find below the savings achieved with electric buses:
  • 2021: 17’689 litres of fuel / 46 tonnes of CO2 
  • 2022:  + de 19'000 litres of fuel / + de 50 tonnes of CO2 (forecast)

Converting thermal buses

What about the future? Genève Aéroport wants to continue to increase its fleet of electric buses and is working on the Retrofit solution. This method consists of replacing diesel engines with electric motors while keeping the same vehicle.

« Retrofitting is a very interesting option: it is less expensive than buying a new electrical vehicle. Above all, it saves the body of the bus: there is therefore zero waste », explains Martin Bichsel.


Genève Aéroport already has two buses of this type, acquired in 2016. Since then, this technology has made significant progress. It has a lower energy and environmental cost than the production of a new vehicle. Genève Aéroport should further commit to the Retrofit solution in the coming years. 

Bus électrique Genève Aéroport