Only in emergency situations we see that it’s missing.

Blood is a precious commodity - it saves lives. All blood groups are not suitable for all patients.

Although the blood supply is today regarded as insured, it is crucial to recruit new young donors. This is the only way to compensate for the departure of faithful donors for reasons of age.

Genève Aéroport participates in the "Donate Blood, Save Lives" day
of Swiss Transfusion SRC on 16 August 2016
and encourages you to donate your blood on the upcoming event next to you.

Cest dans le besoin que le manque est visible. Nous participons. Et vous ? En apprendre plus.

Each blood donation helps to ensure tomorrow’s supply of blood of all blood groups.

Thank you to all the donors who help ensure the supply of blood groups 0, A, B and AB.
Become a donor www.transfusion.ch