A bicycle-sharing station at Genève Aéroport


Travelling to Genève Aéroport by self-service bicycle is possible. Since 2 December 2021, a VéloPartage station, accessible to all users, has been installed at the Departure level, between the main entrance of the terminal and that of the CFF station.

The VéloPartage network was inaugurated in Geneva in August 2020, when cycling became extremely popular following the semi-lockdown. More than 170 stations are spread throughout the Geneva region, across twenty municipalities. The result of cooperation between the Danish company Donkey Republic and the Genèveroule association, the network has more than 200 bicycles available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

« Genève Aéroport wants to promote soft mobility and wants to encourage users to give up their car to travel to the airport », explains Matthias Fournier, Head of the multimodal platform department. « The VéloPartage project makes it possible to achieve these objectives, while offering a quality service to users. »

Easy to combine with public transport, VéloPartage is used via the Donkey Republic application, which manages the location of bicycles, the opening of the padlock and payment. The principle is simple: the user can choose any bicycle available at the airport and leave with it, with no obligation to return. Likewise, they can go to the airport with a network bicycle and park it there. The rates vary from 2,30 to 5 CHF for 30 minutes (between 3,50 and 7,50 CHF per hour), respectively for a classic or electric bicycle. It is also possible to take out a subscription. The airport station currently has five bicycles, but could be expanded in the future due to its success.