An area filled with local plants is open to passengers this summer


This Thursday, Genève Aéroport opened a pop-up relaxation space outside Terminal 1. Throughout the summer, passengers will be able to enjoy the space filled with flowers and plants native to Geneva before setting off on their holidays. 

Sweet-smelling geraniums, marigolds and clockvines: just some of the local plants decorating the welcome area set up for summer outside Terminal 1 of Genève Aéroport*. Everything here is the product of recycling. Sixty freight palettes have been transformed into benches for passers-by, while the climbing plants cling onto what used to be ventilation grills. The flowers – labelled Genève Région - Terre Avenir (GRTA) and provided by the Office de promotion des produits agricoles de Genève (OPAGE) – are held in ten boxes from the Swiss rail system. 

Designed to offer travellers a break, this oasis was planned by airport horticulturalists and carpenters. « This project is a way to promote the flora native to Geneva and showcase its diversity. We therefore needed to find varieties that are resistant enough to survive in pots », explained Chrischona Barman, head of the horticultural team at Genève Aéroport. Passengers will be able to enjoy this pop-up garden until September and even October, if there is a long summer.

* The welcome area is located at the Check-in level at T1, opposite the entrance of the SBB train station.