Transformation of the check-in hall


Started 27 June 2016, the expansion of the check-in hall of Genève Aéroport now presents its first new facilities. For the record, the façade has been advanced several metres and will provide one thousand additional square meters in the terminal. 

Thanks to the completely renovated the vertical connections (elevators, stairs, escalators), passengers can pass from the arrivals to the departures level again.
At the departures floor, the Food Court toilets have been entirely renovated and now offer optimised comfort. The shops next to this restaurant area have also reopened.
Certain former accesses to the terminal are still unavailable. Alternative routes are indicated by appropriate signage. 

Depending on the means of transport chosen to get to the airport (train, bus or car), entrances are different; they will be described in video tutorials available at all times.
On this page you will receive regularly updated information on the later construction phases.