Logistics optimisation at the heart of a 2nd workshop on industrial ecology


30 companies of the airport site and representatives of Genève Aéroport met on 15 November within the industrial ecology project of Genève Aéroport. 

Within its industrial ecology project, Genève Aéroport organised a second participatory workshop on 15 November. 30 companies of the airport site and representatives of Genève Aéroport met to identify improvement measures in terms of delivery, storage and disposal of goods. This topic had been selected at the end of the first workshop.

The site configuration and the limited available space, the current transformation works and the security issues related to the reserved areas are issues that make this topic complex. 

The workshop started with the presentation of the results of a survey on deliveries conducted with catering companies and shops in order to have a situation analysis of the current situation. The discussions and exchanges then helped to identify many measures for improvement and lines of work, whose possibility of implementation will be explored later in the project. 

The effects covered by the measures for improvement discussed are:

  • Increase logistical efficiency to allow dealers and suppliers to save time and achieve economies of scale
  • Reduce the emissions associated with logistics activities thanks to the pooling and/or massification of deliveries, as well as by promoting the use of clean vehicles
  • Promote rational use of soil through a better distribution of deliveries in time and optimal configuration of spaces.