The FOCA puts Genève Aéroport’s file for public consultation


The procedure, which should lead to the implementation of concrete measures to reduce noise pollution, is progressing. On 18 September, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) will put Genève Aéroport’s file for public consultation.

At the end of June 2019, Genève Aéroport submitted a file to the FOCA to initiate the procedure, which should result in the fixing of a new authorised noise (« permissible noise » according to the Noise Protection ordinance). This file, composed of about twenty items, constitutes Genève Aéroport’s proposals of actions to implement stabilisation and then noise reduction. It also allows the airport to undertake the necessary work to meet current and future needs.

The file submitted for consultation includes an amendment to the operating regulations. A quota system for delayed night flights could be introduced in order to limit noise. This system is coupled with progressive and highly dissuasive taxes applied once the quota is exhausted. The regulation also provides for the possibility of planning three long-haul flights between 22:00 and midnight.

As the regulatory authority, the FOCA is launching the public consultation on this subject as planned. All information concerning this investigation is available from the FOCA, which is responsible for this procedure.
The result of this procedure will be binding for the airport. Genève Aéroport welcomes this new step, which makes it possible to move towards the implementation of new concrete measures that benefit residents.

This initiative is part of the SAIP sheet adopted by the Federal Council on 14 November 2018.