Golf Echo: a natural wine produced at Genève Aéroport


Genève Aéroport thanks all those who enjoyed its April fools and confirms to the unbelievers that the planting of vineyards on the airport territory is not on the agenda.
At least not before 1 April 2017! :)


A natural wine produced at Genève Aéroport

Following the success of the pilot project in its nurseries, in the North area of its facilities, Genève Aéroport will generalise the growth of vines on its grasslands. Produced from the Divico Valaisian grape variety, the Golf Echo nectar is defined as a natural red wine, both fruity and spicy.

Besides many projects carried out by the Environment & Legal Affairs Division and the Infrastructure &Planning Directorate under their environmental and energy policies, Genève Aéroport led a symbolic action in 2010, the year of biodiversity.
One hundred vine stock of the Divico Valaisian grape variety (read label below) was planted on an experimental basis on a surface of 150 square meters. A first usable harvest was obtained in 2015. Vinified by Michel Roset, winegrower in Bourdigny-Dessous (GE), it allowed to produce 100 litres of a natural red wine with a beautiful typicality, which has recently been the object of a tasting by a panel of oenophile food critics, among whom Alain Giroud, of the Tribune de Genève newspaper.

After the bracing success of this first experience, Genève Aéroport decided to plant this year vines on all the grassy strips of the airport perimeter, in the North of the facilities, along the border fence between Switzerland and the French commune of Ferney-Voltaire.

Approximately 1,500 vine stocks will thus colonise these two hectares of grassland. The 2019 harvest will be vinified and consumable in 2020.
Genève Aéroport will vinify the first 1,000 litres of a cuvée that will be available for tasting during the events organised on the occasion of the airport’s centenary.
This wine will be bottled in typical Genevan 0.28 litre picholettes. About 2,500 bottles will be produced. A special cuvée, called “Cuvée du centenaire” and composed of a minimum of 500 units, will be bottled in tinplate cans picholettes, reproduced based on the model of the 1846 can exposed at the Maison Tavel in the old town of Geneva.

Called Golf Echo (as the two distinctive letters of the Canton of Geneva, in the aviation alphabet), this natural red wine consecrates the airport paradox that this industrial platform is also a rich biotope: beyond its vineyards, airport grasslands contain about 140 floral species, among which a rare orchid that grows nowhere else in Switzerland but at Genève Aéroport.