Genève Aéroport obtains the ISO 55001 Certification


Genève Aéroport has been awarded the AFAQ ISO 55001 certification for the management of its technical and infrastructure resources. This certificate, issued by the independent third-party agency AFNOR Certification, refers to the overall management of its physical assets, their design and their implementation, from operation up to their end of life. 

Genève Aéroport received the AFAQ ISO 55001 certification, which confirms the use of internationally recognised best practices in the management of its infrastructure. 
Allowing to implement an integrated management system based on performance assessment and continuous improvement, the new ISO 55001 standard, an asset management system, is a guarantee of competence. It proves that robust procedures for the technical, administrative and financial management of assets are applied in a rigorous, controlled, reliable and efficient manner. 

This certification is the result of a long work implying analysis, adjustments and awareness, that started more than four years ago. It is also the starting point and the structuring framework for the implementation, sustainability and continuous improvement of the assets management system of Genève Aéroport. Since leadership and corporate culture are determining factors to achieve this certification, a commitment at all levels is essential to integrate and successfully use these good practices of asset management. 
The auditor praised the cost optimisation throughout the life cycle, enabled by the approach and the integrated structure. He also found that the alignment between the objectives of Genève Aéroport and the asset management system was clearly a reality. Genève Aéroport thus proves its ability to efficiently and sustainably manage its physical assets based inter alia on criticality, risk and performance criteria. 

For Nicolas Gaspoz, Infrastructure and Planning Manager of Genève Aéroport, “this certification is very important because it allows all airport stakeholders to be sure that the management of its assets throughout their life cycle is reliable, efficient and constantly improving.” 

An expert of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), stresses the important role that the standard can play to ensure that all stakeholders of an organisation consider objectives, risks and value in the same way. “Inside organisations, there is often a gap between those who use the assets to do something (e.g. to provide a service or make a product) and those who are responsible for their maintenance. Similarly, those who design or acquire assets often have conflicting priorities compared to those who use them (operators) or look after them (maintenance managers). The ISO 55001 standard allows to put everyone on the same wavelength.” 
Genève Aéroport is the first airport on continental Europe to obtain this certification. This is the second ISO 55001 certification issued in Switzerland until now.