Genève Aéroport plays the game of "La Nuit est belle"


Genève Aéroport is taking part in the "La nuit est belle" operation on Friday 23 September to raise awareness of light pollution. Once again this year, the airport will be switching off the lights as soon as the traffic has stopped. 187 municipalities in the Greater Geneva area are taking part in this 3e edition dedicated to energy savings. 

Thirty minutes after the last landing or take-off, Genève Aéroport, a partner of "La nuit est belle", will switch off its lighting for the whole night. The runway and the satellites will be completely dark. Only the lighting masts on the tarmac will remain lit. Night work will also be suspended. Nevertheless, the safety of operations will be ensured at all times.
Illuminated signs on the roof of the main terminal, Terminal 2, Freight and GVA Center will be turned off. 

Raising public awareness

The aim of "La nuit est belle" is to inform and raise awareness of the risks caused by the excessive use of artificial lighting. Light pollution affects human health, the biological rhythms of fauna and flora, and generates significant energy consumption.

This cross-border event is also intended to be festive and educational. Numerous activities are proposed in the French and French-speaking communities that night: observation of the sky and the stars, conferences and debates, painting workshops, story readings...