Genève Aéroport launches its first business workshop on industrial ecology


Inspired by the functioning of natural ecosystems, the purpose of industrial ecology is to gear the economic system towards greater robustness and competitiveness, while minimising its impacts on the environment.

Companies are thus encouraged to engage in an active and innovative manner in the development of synergies, for example, by pooling their services, by valuing coproducts or even by sharing infrastructure. The intensity and the quality of cooperation between the companies are key factors in the success of such an approach.

The project of industrial ecology on the airport platform is part of the environmental strategy of Genève Aéroport and is co-financed by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).

For many years, Genève Aéroport in collaboration with the companies and bodies of the airport site has been implementing many actions to support industrial ecology: energy saving actions, common energy procurement, including 100% renewable electrical power, joint production of 100% biodegradable cleaning products, pooling waste disposal and treatment (excluding construction waste) etc.. In addition to the enhancement of the actions already taken, the project of Genève Aéroport aims at pushing reflection further. This type of approach is still not very common at a global level and therefore represents an innovation in the aviation sector. 

The added values of an industrial ecology-based approach are clear:

•    Improve productivity and competitiveness by the decrease of the supply, production, logistics, waste treatment costs, etc.
•    Network with other companies, pooling resources.
•    Improve image through the reduction of the environmental footprint.