Genève Aéroport is committed to the training of young people


The Espace Entreprise is a training place dedicated to commercial professional practice learning. The apprentices, students of the business schools of Geneva, carry out traineeships here in similar conditions to those of a company. 

More than 300 commercial employee apprentices took turns between 18 and 24 April 2016 to conduct a broad survey of 4900 interviews. Apprentices were thus able to demonstrate their ability to communicate, to address customers with professionalism and friendliness, in order to establish the various profiles of individuals travelling to Genève Aéroport. Thanks to this experience, they were also able to discover from the inside one of the economic pillars of the Canton.

“I am particularly grateful to the management of Genève Aéroport for their contribution to the vocational training of young people, by entrusting this type of mandate to our training centre” says Yves Chardonnens-Cook, Manager of Espace Entreprise.