Genève Aéroport prepared to participate in the partial privatisation of Aéroports de Lyon


The manager of Genève Aéroport has adopted a positive stance on the consortium's offer that would associate Genève Aéroport with the filing to be submitted shortly in response to the partial privatisation of Lyons airport.

In response to the approach by CUBE, an investment platform specialising in infrastructure and utilities, Genève Aéroport has agreed to be part of the consortium of investors that will respond to the tender to be launched shortly for the partial privatisation of Aéroports de Lyon (ADL).

This procedure is part of the French Government's desire to partially privatise several of its regional airports, as was the case in Toulouse at the end of 2014, and as should be the case in Nice shortly.

The idea behind this change is that at least 49.9% of ADL's capital will be floated. Genève Aéroport is being approached by the CUBE consortium of investors in order to contribute its expertise in airport management and has responded positively to the chance to participate in the float.

This potential participation by Genève Aéroport in ADL's capital would be in the friendly context of the good relations historically maintained by the two entities, whose geographical proximity leads regular collaboration on specific operations. Participation by Genève Aéroport in ADL's capital could open up interesting prospects for both parties. It would add coherence to the land-use planning in which these two airports participate, engines of this vast border region in the process of metropolisation.

To explore this opportunity more specifically, Genève Aéroport's management and the members of the administrative board signed a memorandum that will enable them to continue the analysis over the coming months. The project has already received the agreement of the Canton of Geneva, as voiced by the State Council. Contacts with French local authorities and Rhône-Alpes industrial circles will continue in order to make the industrial project part of a broader vision of territorial coherence.

The CUBE Investment Fund is currently affiliated with the Natixis group, an international financing, management and financial services bank of the  BPCE (Banque Populaire - Caisse d'Épargne) group, the second-largest banking group in France, firmly established in the French regions and with local authorities.
ADL's assets, which include the airports of Saint-Exupéry and Bron, are currently shared between the French state (60%) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI, 25%), and the remaining 15% between three local authorities: Greater Lyons, the Rhône Departmental Council and the Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes.
Genève Aéroport, an autonomous public establishment, is owned by the State of Geneva, its sole shareholder.