Genève Aéroport is growing its presence on the social networks!


Active since 2010 on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, Genève Aéroport, in a constant desire to be more accessible and closer to its audience, is now present on the Twitter, Google+ and Instagram networks!

Interacting, informing and sharing with a growing community is essential for an institution like Genève Aéroport, which, with its 15 million passengers in 2014, is generating a growing demand for a wide variety of information.

Essential communication tools, these new networks slot perfectly into its digital strategy, launched 5 years ago with a major redesign of its website, the launch and development of a successful application GVApp and, of course, the opening up to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

In addition to informing its passengers and users about the daily operational aspects of its activity, this greater presence on the social networks enables Genève Aéroport to maintain a dialogue with a wider audience on its economic and social role, and on the challenges it will face in the future.

It should be pointed out that in terms of resources, this has resulted in the creation of a new full-time post, in addition to the rest of the communications team, within Genève Aéroport's Marketing-Communication division.

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