Genève Aéroport welcomed more than 15 million passengers in 2014


In 2014, passenger traffic at Geneva's airport passed the 15 million passengers mark for the first time and thus grew by 5% compared with 2013. At the same time, movements (take-offs and landings) were stable. Freight activity grew meanwhile by almost 7%.

During the course of 2014, Genève Aéroport welcomed 15,152,928 passengers, 5% more than in 2013. This increase in passenger numbers is a result of the health of the main airlines active on the airport, in different market segments. The budget airline easyJet, for example, which increased its number of destinations, saw a steady increase of 6.4%, while domestic airlines are experiencing higher growth, like SWISS (+11%) or the transatlantic airline Air Canada (+16.1%). These results reflect the good balance between the various stakeholders.

At the same time, landings and take-offs totalled only 187,597 movements, down by 0.6% compared with 2013.
The decrease in the number of movements is explained mainly by restrictions on the use of the grass runway, stemming from the new Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) safety (wake vortex) requirements, which affected recreational aviation (-20%). Commercial aviation-related movements, however, increased by 2.2%. This figure confirms the end of the automatic correlation between an upturn in passenger traffic and a greater number of movements, while at the same time reflecting the greater range of air services (more destinations, more flights on some routes).

These good passenger traffic results increase Genève Aéroport's potential attractiveness for airlines that could operate long-haul flights at the airport. Furthermore, the analysis of the number of movements demonstrates Geneva's improved connectivity with key international hubs, which has become an important criterion for measuring airport quality.

The volume of air-borne freight reached 72,540 tonnes, up by 6.9%. Ultimately, global freight business (including postal freight), reached an unprecedented level of 78,952 tonnes, an increase of 5.6% over the previous year.

The airlines competing for the top five places in terms of market share are: easyJet (41.9%), SWISS (15.2%), Air France (4.7%), British Airways (4.6%), and Lufthansa (4%).

Turnover and profit results for the 2014 financial year will be announced at the end of March 2015.