Genève Aéroport, a sponsor committed to its region


Genève Aéroport heads an active sponsorship initiative to support various events in the region, such as the traditional spectacular summer firework display.

Despite the “Fêtes de Genève” coming to an end last year, the impressive firework display remains part of the programme this summer. Genève Tourisme has managed to collect enough donations from sponsors, Genève Aéroport included, to still put on a show. The result, on Saturday 10 August, the skies above the harbour will sparkle with multi-coloured jets, fountains and illuminations lasting a total of 45 minutes. Hundreds of thousands of people will gather to enjoy this amazing display free of charge. « We are a long-standing partner of the “Fêtes de Genève”. This year we have also continued to sponsor the firework display as it is important to us that this event, so dear to the hearts of all Genevans, continues to take place », explains Jean-René Longchamp, Head of Marketing and Promotion.

Each year, Genève Aéroport gives half of its profits to the State (42.5 million CHF in 2018). Aware of its social responsibility, the airport also has an active sponsorship initiative to support local projects, associations and events. Almost 900,000 CHF have already been donated.

Working for the region
The airport is also involved in around fifty partnerships with local cultural, sports and humanitarian projects, to name just a few. The latest events include the Pregny Alp Festival dedicated to Swiss folk music at the beginning of August and the Summer Basketball Camp organised by Clint Capela in Meyrin, in July. What do they all have in common? « The projects we support need to share our own values. If it involves a local commune, then it’s an added bonus », clarifies Gabrielle Ferreira-Fong Yong, Events and Sponsorship Coordinator. Donations range from 500 to 150,000 CHF.

Genève Aéroport is especially involved in sports sponsorship. The Geneva Lions Basketball team has been sponsored by the airport since it was first established. It is also the main sponsor of the Geneva 20 km by Genève Aéroport on 3 November, the only race of its size through the magnificent Genevan countryside.